About Scott

When I was in the tail end of my career and had spent hundreds of days in Physical Therapy recovering from injuries, I wondered what I could have changed in my preparation.  My 2007 season ended with a hip surgery, my 2008 season ended with a massive concussion and left knee scope, my 2009 season ended with a left ACL/ MCL and severely torn meniscus. My final 2010 season was cobbled together with injections in my lumbar spine.

I was working with Olympic Physical Therapy and got introduced to Athletic Engineering.  I hadn't been training completely wrong- just a little bit here and there.  Slightly incorrect positioning, movement patterns slightly off, overusing certain muscles while others were shut down.  All "small" things but they added up to weaknesses in my form that running World Cup downhill at 90 mph was exposing again and again.

Many retired athletes probably go through this "If I just knew back then what I know now..." on how they would have done things differently.  Exposing athletes young and old to the concepts and techniques of Athletic Engineering is my way of changing that for the next generation.