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Refund Policy

My goal is 100% satisfaction with this product and your experience using this training program.  

You can cancel subscriptions (month to month) at any time, no hassles.  I would appreciate the opportunity to fix or adjust your program before you cancel of course, but if you decide that you just want to cancel, I will take care of you!

If you cancel during the first two weeks: If you are not sure if the training program is for you, think of your first two weeks as a trial.  If you cancel within the first two weeks, I will refund your money for the first month and cancel the subscription.

After you have been going through the program longer than two weeks and something comes up, you can either cancel through paypal subscriptions or contact me.  Cancellations made within 3 days of the start of the billing cycle will result in that month being refunded.  After that, there are no refunds for partial months, but access remains.  Example: John used the training program for 6 months and decided he wanted to cancel half way through his 7th month.  I would cancel his subscription with no cancellation fees and he would keep access to the program through the end of his 7th month.  At that point, the subscription would end and his access would end.

Prepaid Standard and Premium programs: Since these programs are offered at a discount for the term, different refund rules apply.  If I am unable to make the program work for you and you would like a refund, the following schedule applies:

First 2 weeks: Standard Program: Refund minus $40 early cancellation fee.

First 2 weeks: Premium Program: Refund minus $100 early cancellation fee.

After 2 weeks, before 1 month: 50% Refund for both programs.

After 1 month- no refunds for the flat rate program.

Train hard!