Scott Macartney

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Training Athletes

I got started training athletes through coaching at Crystal Mountain.  As I was teaching skills on the hill, I realized that some of my athletes were simply not strong enough to execute the movements I was asking them to do.  Off-season training was a huge part of my preparation for my career on the US Ski Team, and I witnessed an evolution in how off-season training was built during my time on the team.

 When I first started on the USST, there was the "old school football" mentality:  Just lift more weight and work harder.  It was just short of "water gives you side-aches" but it was definitely an old school approach.  A few years into my time on the team, we had Andy Walshe join us from Australia.   (He is now high performance director for Red Bull and Red Bull Stratos project).  He changed the way I approached my conditioning and I started seeing the results in my performance on the slopes.

 After a few crashes, I was introduced to Olympic Physical Therapy and their Athletic Engineering department.  Again, the way I trained changed and has made me a much more functionally strong athlete.  I believed in the product enough to start working for Athletic Engineering in 2013.